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All kinds of Material Transportation from any place to any project site.


Road Base


Dune Sand


Tipper Truck

Provides on Trip basis and rentals. Available in various Size to suit your requirements as below:

  • 35 CBM
  • 45 CBM


Dump Truck

Provide on rental terms. Available in different models as below:

  • CAT
  • Volvo
  • 20 CBM

Low Bed Trailer

Provides on Trip basis and rentals

Flat Bed Trailer

Provides on Trip basis and rentals

What is a dump truck?

  • What a dump truck is, it is the hug that had a dump box located in the rear, that can be fill material like sand, dirt and other material.

Tipper Truck Loading

  • Mostly dump trucks are loaded through wheel loaders and excavators.
  • Dump trucks are used for carrying gravel, sand, construction waste, concrete waste etc.

Risks involved while loading

  • There are less number of risks while loading.
  • Truck turmover
  • If dump truck is positioned wrong it can turnover when it is loaded.
  • It can turnover if truck is loaded on a soft ground due to heavy weight the tires can stuck in the ground which can turn the truck on either side.

How to eliminate risks while loading?

  • Park the truck straight like an arrow. The truck should not be parked in a curve shape.
  • Always check parking area before loading.
  • Is it hard space or soft?
  • If soft arrange some materials to small pieces of stones etc to harden the parking area.
  • During loading operator should watch the tires and truck position to monitor loading safety.

Risks involved during Unloading

  • Whenever the tipper of the dump is raised there is a risk involved.
  • Risk of Turnover
  • Risk of leakage
  • Risk of break down of Hydraulic jack.
  • Risk of tire bursting.
  • Risk of failure of jack during lifting.
  • Risk of touching overhead electrical wires, equipments, walls, sheds etc.
  • Risk of fire to the truck.
  • Risk of damage to rear vehicle due blowing off.

Eliminating risks during unloading

  • Always park dump truck on hard space.
  • Regularly conduct inspections to check all kinds of oil.
  • Always check air pressure in the tires to avoid uneven air pressure in the tires.
  • Check surroundings during unloading. Keep clear distance of around 20 meters from the dump truck.
  • Always check height of the dump truck to avoid contact with overhead wires, walls, sheds etc.
  • Regularly monitor different kinds of gauges inside the dump truck.
  • Always cover the dump truck to avoid material blow off.