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Water Service

Supply of Sweet Water / Salt Water


Supply of Non-Drinking Water

We supplies Sweet / Salt Water and Non-Drinking Water in large quantity to different work sites and camps throughout the UAE Oil & Gas Field Projects. We offer 750 to 4,500 GL capacities of salt water tankers and 5,000 to 10,000 GL of sweet water and non-drinking water tankers.

Sewage & Liquid Service


Collection & Disposal of Sewage Water

We collect sewage from Camps, Work sites etc. and dispose it by following a well legal procedure and environment friendly. We have highly featured equipment (1500 to 10,000 GL capacity ) to collect and dispose it in a proper way.


Collection & Disposal of All Kind Sludge

Liquid Sludge & Solid Sludge is produced by the STP when normal and regular amount of treated / filter water is removed from sewage water, that this type of sludge can be called as wet or cake form sludge.

Through collection with our specified GPS installed tankers and disposing in the selected government dumping station.

Used Oil & Flammable Service

Collection of Used Oil & Lubricants and Other

Homana collects used oil from site Food Catering department and used oil and lubricants from Equipment workshop with specialized and duly government registered tankers and dispose it by following a well legal procedure and environment friendly.

Supply of Flammable & Diesel

We are one of the ADNOC distributor by supply and we can provide small & large quantity to the projects especially construction site as per day / daily / weekly / monthly and any of destination as per customers’ requirement.

Collecting the Skips

We have all kinds of capacity skips per each waste and per each color

Skip Loader Truck & Skip Bins

Colors can be change based on Client requirement.

Metal / Iron Waste
Recyclable waste and Reuse (Solid) and Non-Hazardous
Capacity : 8 M³
Carton / Paper Waste
Recyclable waste and Reuse (Solid) and Non-Hazardous
Capacity : 8 M³
Wood / Timber / Pallets Waste
Recyclable waste and Reuse (Solid) and Non-Hazardous
Capacity : 8 M³
Plastic / PVC Waste
Recyclable waste (Solid) and Non-Hazardous
Capacity : 8 M³
Concrete Waste
Recyclable waste (Solid) and Non-Hazardous
Capacity : 8 M³
Municipal Waste
Disposal and Non-Recyclable
Capacity : 8 M³
Hazardous Waste
– Paint Chemical and Insulation Waste
– Contaminated cans/tins/gallon, Contaminated textile/gloves
– Contaminated sand
– Used battery acid, oil, grease and fuel
– Oily contaminated water and etc.
– Expired Thinners and paints.
– Recycling, Treatment, Refining and Disposal Waste (Solid/Liquid).
Capacity : 8 M³

Compactor Truck & Skip Bins

1.1 CBM

2.5 CBM

4.5 CBM

Hook Loader & Skip Bin

15 CBM

Recycling & Non-Recycling

Acceptable Recycling Items

Carton / Paper



Concrete / Asphalt

Used Tire

Metal Waste which we collect

Steel Scrap



Mix small pieces


Nails / Nut Bolt

Light Cable Wire

Light Aluminum


Unacceptable Recycling Items


Plastic Bags



Hazardous Waste

Item Hazardous Waste Type Purpose
1 Contaminated Empty Paint Pails /
Chemical Cans / Grease Cans
Washing Refine & Recycle Pails/ Cans
Treatment of Hazardous Waste Residue
2 Contaminated Soil / Sand Disposal
3 Contaminated Cloth / Gloves / Rags Treatment, Recycle or Reuse
4 Contaminated Oil Filters /
Air Filters / Oil Gallons 
Treatment and Recycle
5 Fire Proofing Waste Materials Disposal
6 Insulation Waste (Wool) Burial / Disposal
7 Used / Empty Refrigerant Tanks Recycle
8 Expired Paint / Chemicals and Solvents Treatment and Recycle
9 Pure Chemicals & Surplus Treatment and Recycle
10 Vehicle Used Oil Recycle / Treatment
11 Oily Contaminated Water Recycle / Treatment
12 Used Battery Acid Recycle / Treatment
13 Used Cooking Oil Recycle / Treatment

Homana has provided waste management services in United Arab Emirates for over 10 years. We are specialized in services dealing with liquid waste management, solid waste management, supply of water and industrial cleaning. Our high preference for safety, environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction has led to successful growth and expansion over the years.

Equipped with a fleet of large number of Tankers, the collection and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste is done in strict compliance with standard stipulated by UAE authorities. HOMANA is a renowned name among the most prominent transporters of hazardous, non- hazardous and oil waste disposal companies in UAE.

If you are looking for Waste Management in UAE, then your search is right if it directs to HOMANA. We are specialist in collection, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste and non- hazardous solid and liquid waste. We undertake non hazardous and hazardous waste collection and disposal in both, solid and liquid form. From garbage disposal to oil waste disposal, HOMANA’s waste management to designated landfills and treatment facilities is done in compliance with Laws and Regulations of UAE.

Our services includes- Collection of General waste ,Sewage waste, Solid waste, Hazardous waste, Concrete waste, Recyclable waste and scraps with provision of Skips/Containers, Tipper Trucks and Pickups and Tankers.

Respecting the standards, HOMANA is certified ISO 9001-2008, 14001-2004, OHSAS 18001-2007 for the Environmental Services and complies with Law & regulation of UAE.